Ruff'n Ready Doodles!

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We recommend the following books and videos:


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We truly believe in the use of Omega Alpha products for all of our animals on the acreage, dogs, cats and horses, even for ourselves! 

Included in your puppy starter pack will be a trial size of products. You can contact us directly to order any products,




Compare the different top name dog food brands and when shopping for your four legged friend, always be sure to read 
the ingredients and label to ensure your dog is eating the 
best food money can buy!


Dog foods that are sourced outside of Canada may have questionable origins for their ingredients!  Be sure that you know where your dogs food is coming from before introducing 
it to your dog!


Recognize some of these brands? These are some of the most popular dog food brands, 
and the most convenient to 
buy, however, when the ingredients are compared 
there should be no question 
about saying no!

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