Ruff'n Ready Doodles!

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Bringing Home a Puppy!

Preparing to bring home a puppy...puppy shopping list

Here are some items that you should consider when preparing for your puppy.


-Old blankets for crate, and a blanket to cover a wire crate as puppies like the dark den feeling.

-Ear wipes 

-Nail Clippers for nail care

-Hydrogen Peroxide -if necessary to induce vomiting for emergency situations

-100% Pure Canned Pumpkin from the grocery store-pumpkin is a good source of fiber when a puppy has diarrhea or constipation, a tablespoon or two with every meal for a few days will help alleviate symptoms. Freeze excess in ice cube trays or sealed container for future use.

-Baby Gate(s)

-Bitter Apple-bitter taste deters puppy from biting and chewing

-Pooper scooper and bags

-Stain/Odor cleaner

-Food and water bowls stainless steel

-Storage bin for dry food

-Adjustable Nylon collar with plastic clasp-puppy 10-14 inches size for a medium to medium standard doodle, 6 foot leash

-I.D.Tag-be sure to change the name/address on your microchip this information will be in your puppy pack with your puppy's vet chart 

-Crate for crate training-Petmate is a brand we use and is of good quality, medium size 24 x 24 x 36

-Travel Crate for car until puppy is big enough to wear a car harness

-Training books, we will provide one book to start there are many good selections of training books 

-Make vet appt for new puppy, wellness checkup and begin search for quality groomer in your area we consider good grooming an aspect of good doodle health.

-check out puppy classes/obedience training which puppy can start after the 3rd set of vaccines are complete



-Puppy food, we feed our puppies NOW brand of puppy food and will provide a sample portion to last a few days.

It is best to start with the same brand of food if you choose to change brands to better suit the needs of your puppy add the new food to the brand puppy has been on to transition over a few days to prevent digestive issues and from puppy getting diarrhea.  We recommend grain free food.

As the puppy gets older and has their permanent teeth we feed raw marrow bones which are a great for cleaning teeth.

-Commercial treats we only recommend good quality treats from a pet store or home made dog cookie recipes. Keep in mind too many treats and/or too rich of treats will cause stomach upset in your puppy!

-Small portions or tiny soft treats work best for training.

-Medium or Large Kong Toys

-Bully sticks for chewing


-Pin or Slicker Brush

-Medium tooth comb

-Toothbrush kit

-Puppy Shampoo, conditioner, grooming spray

-Ear Wash Solution

-Nail Clippers with nail guard