Ruff'n Ready Doodles!

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Hi, I am Stella and I am one of the beautiful Momma's around here! I am an F1B English Goldendoodle.  

Wt: 45 lbs Ht: 21 inches

We are excited to have Stella join Ruff'n Ready Doodles she comes to us from Tualatin River Labradoodles and English Goldendoodles out of Portland, Oregon.  She has a gorgeous fleecy white coat and her personality is very easy going, with a calm demeanour.  We look forward to her future upcoming litters.  

Stella lives in a wonderful guardian family. 

Thank you Krista, Derek, kids and Dash!

Health Testing for Stella:

OFA Hips/Elbows- Excellent 

OFA Cardiac - Normal

Goldendoodle Genetic DNA Panel Testing via Paw Print Genetics- All Clear

CERF -  Normal 



Hi, I am Avery and I'm and up-and-coming breeder girl! My health testing is all complete!

Avery is from our Chloe X Oscar double doodle litter 2016.

She has a soft wavy fleece cream color coat.  Avery is a friendly outgoing girl with a spunky personality. This girl loves to give hugs!  

Wt - 45 lbs Ht- 21 inches 

Avery lives with our nephew and niece with their three children where she gets lots of love and attention.

Paw Print Genetics Australian Labradoodle /Goldendoodle Panel Testing - Clear 

IC - Clear

CERF - Normal

OFA Hips - Good  Elbows - Normal

Cardiac Vet Check - Normal



Hi, I am Emmy and I'm a future breeder girl!  Here you can see photos of me as I grow!

Emmy is from our Piper X Wilbur litter of double doodles. She has been chosen to be our future breeding prospect.

Her coat is a soft fleece with a beautiful rich chocolate color.  She is a pretty chill kinda girl!

Emmy loves to cuddle and enjoys a good game of "catch me if you can" she loves to run.  She is eager to please and is quick to learn. 

Emmy is in a wonderful guardian home with a young family, she is so loved!

Paw Print Genetics Panel for Goldendoodle/Australian Labradoodle Tests-Clear

OFA Hips/Elbows-Fair


Cardiac- Normal

IC - Clear



Hi, I'm Halle and a future breeder girl!  Just wait until I grow up!  Here you can see photos of me as I grow!

Halle comes to us from Hazy Daisy Doodles and Poodles in Dobson Corner, NB. Halle is an adventurous girl with lots of energy and confidence.  She is smart, eager to learn and loves to play.  Halle lives with a young active family which suits her personality perfectly.  She enjoys the outdoors, play time and cuddle time with her guardian  family. 

We are excited to have Halle join us at Ruff'n Ready Doodles looking forward to her upcoming litters! 

Paw Print Genetics Testing:

Degenerative Myelopathy - Clear

Ichtyosis - Clear

Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures - Clear

Progressive Retinal Atrophy Golden Retriever 1 - Clear

Progressive Retinal Atrophy Golden Retriever 2 - Clear

Progressive Retinal Atrophy Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration - Carrier

Von Willebrand Disease l- Clear 

IC - Clear 

OFA Hips/Elbows - Good  

CERF - Normal 

Cardiac - Normal



Hi, I am Poppy and I'm a hopeful future breeder girl. Just wait until I grow up! Here you can see photos of me as I grow!

Poppy is our Doubledoodle out of Piper X Rango litter. She lives in a guardian home with a young family and gets along great with her greyhound playmate Murphy. She is a gorgeous girl with a fleece coat.   Poppy will complete her health testing soon, we will keep you updated.

Paw Print Genetics Testing for Australian Labradoodle/Goldendoodle - Clear

IC - Clear


OFA Hip/Elbows-



Hello!  I am Sadie a double doodle! Here are pictures of me as I've grown! I hope to be a future breeder girl.
Sadie is our chosen girl from our Stella (f1b English Goldendoodle) x Rango (Australian Labradoodle) out of Coulee Labradoodles litter. She has a beautiful fleece coat with carmel and white mismarks. Sadie is very outgoing, she loves the outdoors and going camping with her guardian family.  She would also like to be a lap dog!  Sadie has a good temperament and takes things in stride.  She lives with a young active family and fits in perfectly!

Paw Print Genetics Testing for Australian Labradoodle/ Goldendoodle - Clear
IC - Clear
OFA Hips/Elbows :



Hi, I am Bella and I'm a hopeful future breeder girl! Just wait until I grow up! Here you can see photos of me as I grow!