Ruff'n Ready Doodles!

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Puppy Prices

F1 Goldendoodes
(50% Golden Retriever -- 50% Poodle)
               Pet Puppy Price $2000
 Suitable for people with MILD to 
SEMI-MODERATE allergies.
F1B Goldendoodles/Multigen Goldendoodles
             Pet Puppy Price $2200
Suitable for people with MODERATE
to SEVERE allergies. 
Double Doodles
(Goldendoodle X Labradoodle)
Pet Puppy Price $2200
  The best of both breed qualities combined with
  low allergy and minimal to non shedding coats!
This hybrid is also known as the
North American Retreiver

Puppies must be SPAYED/NEUTERED by 6 months of age, proof by vet certificate must be provided, our puppies are sold with a strict spay/neuter contract, see our purchase agreement for details.

In your puppy starter pack you will receive a collar for your puppy!